UK based artist Tod Jones has pursued a fine art practice and has created artworks from a variety of disciplines and research. Multiple works have been produced in mediums such as drawing, installation, painting, sculpture and photography.


BA (hons) Fine Art

From second year BA (hons) Fine Art undergraduate degree to post graduation, the work became focused on images of dystopian landscapes. This theme became the final undergraduate work in the form of a large installation consisting of painting and sculptural mediums at the University of Wolverhampton Degree Show.

From there the dystopian work developed into large abstract paintings which were later exhibited in a solo exhibition.

MA Fine Art

At the beginning of the MA Fine Art, a new direction of practice was formed from the earlier dystopian landscapes research. The work began looking more at architectural space, which became the prominent figure for the following stages of development this practice.


This new foundation was sculpture and architecture, which ended up being an integral part of the following works. The work became very minimalist and there were many references brought in from researching brutalistic styles of architecture. 

The work is heavily focused on the space and the making process. The sculptures became extremely ephemeral and so it was crucial for the work to be documented. Four of these photographs and one large (made on site) ephemeral paint dust installation was later exhibited at the New Art Gallery Walsall.  


The Japanese art of impermanence known as Wabi Sabi is a key interest that’s deep rooted in this practice. The production of the work, preparing of a space and labour involved in the creation and de-installation are all aesthetics of a simply art of doing.


This work carries is its appreciation for a small life span, it hosts its life like ours, a beginning and end, both are very carefully executed. Many of these installations have short periods of life, especially those formed with paint dust, this is a natural given the materials properties.

In the photography work you may notice such imperfections that are somewhat dark or melancholic, yet some have said that these feelings are brought out in a level of natural tranquillity and beauty.

Residency at The New Art Gallery Walsall.

See a YouTube Video from the New Art Gallery Walsall.

Film and editing by Becky Maybury:






Ever since I remember I've always had a passion for images and photography. Through my MA Fine Art course I was able to fully explore this passion and began my journey into something I'd only dreamed of.

During the MA Fine Art course one of my images was selected by The New Art Gallery Walsall to represent the MA Fine Art Degree Show 2018.

On winning the The New Art Gallery Walsall residency the gallery used one of my images for promotion of my time as an artist at the gallery:

During the Residency I completed an Artist Instagram takeover, two days a week and often multiple uploads which showed a variety of work or photography I was doing whilst in and around the building. 


After the N.A.G.W residency new photographic prints were on display at the gallery.

I was the event photographer and social media marketer of Artsfest 2019 working for The University of Wolverhampton. This led me to shoot multiple events for Artsfest 2019, ranging from theatre shows, creative workshops, talks and walks.

Later in the year I did the same event photography work on the International Glass Festival, IBD awareness exhibition at New Cross Hospital and the MA Degree Show 2019, which were based in two different gallery's, Wolverhampton Art Gallery and The New Art Gallery Walsall.

Currently available to hire.

Please don't hesitate to contact me, as an artist or for photography work.


Look Further

Bessant Gallery, School of Art Wolverhampton, UK  

 NOVEMBER 15th - 28th, 2019

Open Studio

New Art Gallery Walsall, UK  

 MARCH, 2019

MA Fine Art Degree Show

New Art Gallery Walsall, UK  


Work in Progress, MA show
University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, UK


DECEMBER, 2017 - JANUARY, 2018

If, If's And And's
Direct Art Action, Sutton Coldfiled, UK 

FEB - MARCH - 2018

Near Dark
Vault Galleries, Wolverhampton, UK



Artist in Residence

New Art Gallery Walsall


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 INSTAGRAM: @todchenko_art  


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